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Stop The Process

Why do sellers go into foreclosure?


Sellers stop making payments for a host of reasons. Few choose to go into foreclosure voluntarily. It's often an unpredictable result from one of the following:

  • Laid-off, fired or quit job

  • Inability to continue working due to medical conditions

  • Excessive debt and mounting bill obligations

  • Squabbles with co-owner, divorce

  • Job transfer to another state

  • Maintenance issues they can longer afford

Options We Offer:

  1. We make it easy to sell your house to our home investors. Whether you need to sell your inherited house or a house that’s facing foreclosure, we make it easy to sell your house for CASH to trusted investors.

  2. We will place your home on the market for sale and list it on (MLS/HAR) for millions of viewers to check out.

  3. We will list your home as a Short sale to stop the Foreclosure process and to keep if from damaging your credit.

  4. Depending on the amount of Debt/Equity in the property, will take over your mortgage. 

  5. Call us for more details on available options or apply below. 

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